Water Well Drilling

Headquartered in Cranbrook, BC, JR Drilling—The Kootenays most trusted drilling company—has successfully completed more water well drilling projects in our region than any other company. We have performed water well drilling operations in all over the South East of BC and far beyond. Our extensive experience allows us to offer some of the most reliable water well drilling services in British Columbia. We use the latest drilling techniques and equipment, including Foremost dual-rotary drills. With this combination of experience and drilling technology, JR Drilling has achieved the highest industry success rate in drilling. This includes drilling, screening, and developing water wells in some of the most challenging formations, including unconsolidated overburden such as heaving sand, gravel, glacial till and boulders.

We can drill holes from 5 inches to 24 inches, depending on your preference and needs. We have drilled wells all over the East and West Kootenays, west to the Fraser Canyon and as far north as the Yukon border and central British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatawon. In fact, JR Drilling has produced more water wells in southeast BC than any other drilling company.

JR Drilling can come out to your site and provide you with an assessment of your project needs. Typically, a domestic well takes one to two days to produce. We also offer an optional pump test following completion of your project.

Contact us anytime for a free estimate at 1 800 557 5070 or 250 426 5070, or find your local number here. Or use our contact form for more information.