Industrial Drilling

When it comes to larger industrial projects such as mining and mineral exploration, dewatering and construction projects, JR Drilling owns the range of equipment and relevant experience to handle the most complex projects. We have a sound track record throughout BC: Serving the regional centers and surroundings of Kamloops, Penticton, Kelowna, Coldstream, Trail, Salmon Arm, Nelson, and Cranbrook. . Our cutting edge technology includes Foremost drilling equipment, and the dual rotary technology is well suited to handle the challenges of unconsolidated formations such as sand, gravel, boulders and glacial till. We also employ reverse circulation and flood reverse techniques, which allows us to service a wide range of industrial projects, including those requiring angled holes.

Our projects include drilling elevator shafts for large building construction jobs to pilings for a pedestrian overpass to mineral exploration, reverse circulation projects and dewatering holes for both construction and mining projects. JR Drilling understands the complexities of industrial projects, and the constraints of time and government regulations. That is why we stay up to date on the latest requirements, keep our crews trained in the most effective techniques, and emphasize safety on the job at all times. We are known in the industry for our willingness to work hard and go the extra mile for our customers. We can make ourselves available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, if that is what you need to get your project completed.

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