Piezometer Installations

Peizo meter installations are used to explore or monitor water pressure or water levels below the earth's surface. We have performed piezometers drilling operations in all of BC: Serving the regional centers and surroundings of Kamloops, Penticton, Kelowna, Coldstream, Trail, Salmon Arm, Nelson, and Cranbrook. Depending on the type of piezometer installed, a great deal of information can be extracted about subsurface conditions. In addition to water table elevations, they can also provide information about soil conditions, including whether and what kind of minerals are present. They are also useful for environmental conditions, including detecting pollution in the subsoil or groundwater.

Because JR Drilling uses Foremost drilling equipment, the most advanced and high-performance drills available, we are able to employ the best techniques for your piezometer installations. We not only drill precise holes, we also perform careful follow-through to insure accurate measurements from your devices.

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